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NoiseCraft instrumental music lessons

NoiseCraft instrumental music lessons

NoiseCraft Studio's instrumental music tuition program was created in response to the need for a fully individualised and integrated program. Traditional page by page book methods do not engage children nor do they promote the success that developes self-esteem and confidence.


We realise that engaged children learning the music they love can realise huge cognitive, emotional and developmental potential. For this reason we teach a contemporary music in-line with each students interests, whilst still ensuring every student recieves comprehensive musical theory and notation skills


The NoiseCraft Studio instrumental music program was created in consultation with professional musicians and primary teachers to ensure an educationally sound, engaging and fun children's program.

NoiseCraft instrumental music lessons

          The NoiseCraft Instrumental Music program offers:
  • Fully individualised lessons - private or shared (2 children)
  • An engaging lesson program designed to develop critical thinking, creativity and divergent thinking
  • A learning environment focused on the development of confidence, self-esteem and success.
  • A lesson program designed to cover all aspects of  theory and musical pattern recognition
  • Intergrated programs that foster genuine musicianship  through collaboration with other musicians and that also allow students to change instruments,  should the need arise, with relative ease.
  • A specialised program designed for years K-1 as an introduction to formal instrumental tuition allowing children to have fun and experiment with their musical interest whilst learning notation, musical patterens and theory.
  • Our tutors are caring educators that include registered primary teachers and professional musicians.
  • An award winning songwriting program and an exciting new sound engineering program that complement our instrumental music programs


The quality of NoiseCraft’s music program was a key driver in choosing my son's current school. Matt Stone is the kind of person who can really make a difference in a  child’s life. He has a unique gift to engage children, build their self esteem and instil in them a love for learning and for music. Every child is different for Matt and I can see that he  takes the time to work out what makes each one of them tick and adjust his approach accordingly. He doesn’t put kids into a box or  just teach them  how to play instruments – he teaches them to believe in themselves  and to dream big! As a mother of a young boy I recognise the value of key role models in my son’s life and couldn’t have hoped for a better one than Matt.

-          Vanessa P 

 “The instrumental music program offered by NoiseCraft to the students of Mount Evelyn Primary School is truly exceptional.  NoiseCrafts approach is totally consistent with our child-centred learning approach and the children are encouraged to improve from whatever level they are at.   NoiseCraft has also done a great job of ensuring that their program is complementary to the school’s Music Specialist Program.  Parent feedback for NoiseCrafts programs has been positive in every instance.”

 -           Philip Comport (Past Principal, Mount Evelyn Primary School)

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