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Stepping Stones

A unique instrumental music program designed for grades K-2.

This program allows children to learn notation, musical patterens and theory whilst they experiment with different.instruments.   Whist many music companies push an early start on a dedicated instrument, at NoiseCraft we realised that many young students do not have the physical or cognitive development for such learning. Stepping Stones provides younger students with a foundational music tuition program where they can try different instruments before deciding to specialise. The NoiseCraft integrated progam then allows students to transition easily and when they are ready, into a dedicated instrument program.


An individualised program that considers student's interests to ensure engagement and optimise learning. Students are given the freedom to learn the style of guitar and music that motivates their interest. They will learn various disciplines of guitar including rhythm and lead guitar, tablature and note reading. Students will learn collaborative musicianship through opportunities to play in bands and ensembles

Bass Guitar

Note reading, bass tabs, box patterns and rhythms are all covered in this exciting program that teaches students the fun and funk of bass guitar whilst focusing on the music they enjoy listening too and performing. Students will have opportunities to collaborate with other musicians in bands.


Students first learn the basic fundamental techniques and to read drum notation on a practice pad before moving onto a full drum kit. 
They will learn to play various styles of music but we recognize every student as an individual so we will focus on the music they enjoy listening too and performing. Students are given opportunities to collaborate with other musicians in bands.


A dynamic keyboard program indivualised for each child. Students learn notation, musicianship and skills in an environment that promotes success. Students learn to play the music that interests them ensuring engagment and motivation to learn.

We do not use large group headphone methods or 'page by page book approachs and  all students are cognitivly engaged 100% of the lesson time. Students are given the opportunity to play in bands and ensembles helping them develop collaborative musicianship skills.


Singing lessons will help students discover their voice.  In these fun energetic classes, students learn to sing the songs they love while developing their personal style. Through a range of music theory, students develop technique whilst exploring performance skills.
Lessons are fun with a major emphasis on positive feedback whilst setting realistic expectations to ensure steady progress and motivation. This develops your childs self-confidence through a feeling of achievement and encourages the desire to learn. 


We are excited to introduce our vioin program. Each student will follow an individualised learning path as they are taught to understand notation, theory and musicianship skills.  This will be taugh through a program that uses the students musical interests as its basis

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NoiseCraft Instrumental  Music Programs

NoiseCraft instrumental music lessons

NoiseCraft instrumental music lessons

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