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Please contact us if you would like the NoiseCraft music program at your school or to discuss any other aspects of our program

We believe in giving children the opportunity to learn instrumental music in a engaging, supportive environment using child-centered 21st century teaching practice. NoiseCraft's integrated program allows wholistic school incorporation without creating additional teacher workload.


  • A fully integrated system including the unique Stepping Stones and songwriting programs


  • Lessons scheduled through discussion with the class teacher to minimise class disruptions


  • Fully trained and qualified teachers who have a commitment to excellence of care and all working with children requirments.


  • A headphone free learning environment; children are engaged 100% of the lesson


  • Private or shared (2 children) lessons


  • An extensive range of instrument choices


  • Opportunities for children to perform in bands and ensembles at school functions, community events and special classroom concerts 


  • Individually customised lessons for each child with an emphasis on success-based learning


  • NoiseCraft attend to all adminstration ensuring easy school implementation


A NoiseCraft we believe deeply in creating a  partnership with your school to promote music throughout the school.

We are happy to work with you at school events by, for example, organising student performance opportunities, providing a DJ for your school disco or helping manage and run your PA system.

Bass Guitar
Song Writing
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